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I’m taking part in a three day back-packing trip in the highlands of Scotland in May 2017, which got me thinking about my health and wellbeing. I’ve had Nutritional Coaching and Personal Training from Train4Life and, as I work in the Health and Safety sector, I was also keen to understand how their services could be applied in a business environment.


I set myself and Train4Life two objectives:  The first was to be prepared to complete the planned back packing trip and to enjoy the experience so it didn’t just feel like some sort of endurance challenge!


Secondly, and more importantly, I wanted to develop an improved relationship with food and drink and exercising in general. As a business owner, being fit, alert and energetic is crucial for success.  I also have a young family and have been thinking about the importantance of being healthy and well as a family. I wanted this second objective to be genuinely sustainable and to be a turning point for my overall health and wellbeing.


Train4Life were recommended to me via a local network.  They had a good reputation for facilitating people to meet their own challenging objectives, but also for encouraging clients to think differently about diet, exercise and lifestyle as a whole.


I found the whole experience of interacting with Train4Life very positive.  I felt highly motivated to plan effectively to make sure that healthy eating and exercise were part of my weekly routine.  The easy access to advice and support made making progress very straightforward.


The support given has genuinely led to a revolution in how we plan what we eat. We now eat a whole and clean food diet, and apply that to the whole family who have definitely felt the benefit of what I was doing!


The physical exercise matched very well to my capabilities but also stretched and left me wanting to do more, as the successes and milestones came.  I have since become a regular participant in Park Runs and have to admit that exercise has become somewhat addictive!


My interaction with Train4Life, has coincided with a very busy time in my personal and business life.  During this time I have been able to meet my work and life challenges head-on, and have pushed myself much harder than ever before through improving my fitness.  All areas have benefited from my increased motivation to succeed.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Elain based on my very positive experience of working with Train4life.  As with any new approach you need to go into it with a very clear objective for yourself and measures of what success will look like.


I am really comfortable that I have a very clear trajectory to meeting my objectives.

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