Sunday 7th - Wednesday 10th June 2020

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What does a typical day look like for you?


Do you collapse into bed at night totally frazzled and feeling that life is passing you by? Juggling your career, your family, your friends and your home life is hard. We’ve been sold the idea that we can have it all, so we set ridiculously high expectations. We compare ourselves with those we think have everything sorted (believe us, they don’t), and then feel like a failure when we fall short.


We feel permanently tired and sluggish. We know we should be eating better, but who has the time for that? We grab food that’s quick and easy and there’s certainly no time for exercise. We’re exhausted, overwhelmed and stuck in a rut.


Is this sounding familiar?


Is it any wonder that we end up feeling anxious, stressed and burnt-out?


We know because we’ve been there.


We learnt the hard way that there is a different way to live this thing called life…

But first you have to step off the hamster wheel for long enough to recognise that what you’re doing isn’t actually working for you. We’re not talking about quitting your job, selling all your possessions and moving to a kibbutz, (although if that’s your bag, we salute you!).


It’s about being brave enough to say out loud, ‘I need to do things differently’.


You might only be able to manage a whisper at first, and that’s fine. It’s more than fine. In saying those words you have taken the first step towards balance, peace, physical and emotional health and joy. We are dedicated to inspiring, encouraging and supporting all men and women to find health and happiness. And that includes YOU. We want to help you understand the relationship between what you eat, your physical activity, career, relationships and all the other elements that make up your one and only life.


Without good health and wellbeing you cannot live the incredible life you were born to live.


And that would be a tragedy. We’re not prepared to let that happen. Not on our watch! Our programmes are real. They take account of the fact that you are unique, you are busy, you have many demands on your time and you’re probably used to putting everybody else’s needs before your own. We will help you identify what’s most important, and can work with you to design an approach that will quickly become part of your routine.



And the result?


Less stress, better relationships and increased focus. More energy. More oomph. More joie de vivre! Believe us… your future self will thank you!


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