Creating resilient, engaged, agile and productive businesses with a simple joined-up solution

REAP: Bringing all of your HR, health and safety and staff wellbeing solutions together

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc across the world and has no doubt affected each of us personally and professionally in some way.

The pandemic experience has also taught us many lessons, not least that a strong and healthy workforce is key to the success of a business.

The workplace has taken a hit during the pandemic and there’s a lot to do to get business back on track:


Making the workplace be safe and feel safe for returning staff



Managing the transition from home working back to work or maintaining productive home working



Dealing with changes to policy and procedure to ensure your business remains compliant



Keeping staff engaged throughout the process



Keeping your staff productive, motivated and mentally strong



Driving business change and continuity



Keeping the business going and growing…


Not to mention, future-proofing so that your business is never as vulnerable to change again.

Its been tough but you’ve learnt a lot and its time to make sure you REAP the benefits of that learning otherwise what an awful waste…
But so much to do whilst still managing this unprecedented time of change… there’s no wonder that overwhelm may be a significant feature for many.

But there is an alternative to overwhelm

What if you could access all of your Human Resources, Health and Safety and Staff Wellbeing support from one flexible package designed around the four key cornerstones of sustainable business success:

• Resilience


• Engagement


• Agility


• Productivity


This is exactly what our REAP programme provides.

What is REAP?

What is REAP?

REAP is a collection of support packages enabling businesses and organisations to create a future-proofed, safe workplace with resilient, engaged, agile and productive people.

REAP brings together HR, health and safety and employee wellbeing support into one place thereby offering flexibility, efficiency and joined-up services.
We’ve done all of the hard work for you.

Our flexible packages are easy to navigate and allow you to create a support programme designed around your organisation’s needs, strategic priorities and budget which means an efficient, joined-up and seamless solution.

Who is REAP designed for?

Who is REAP designed for?

Businesses and organisations without in-house HR, staff wellbeing or health and safety functions OR those with in-house functions seeking additional support.

REAP addresses the immediate and longer term wide-ranging needs of doing business during the Covid-19 crisis AND builds a culture, strategy, knowledge, systems and processes that builds resilience against future challenges.

REAP supports all sectors and industries and can be tailored to specific industry needs and contexts: one size does not fits all .

What are the benefits of REAP?

For the organisation:


• Joined-up services in one flexible package saves time, money and worry

• Confidence in your ability to provide a safe working environment that complies with current guidelines

• Assurance that policies, processes and systems effectively support changing ways of working

• Engaged staff who feel valued and supported resulting in increased productivity, reduced sickness absence and reduced stress and anxiety

• A holistic, strategic approach enabling your business and its people to work with creativity, flexibility and resilience

• Improved people and business performance

• Stronger teams

• Increased retention and recruitment


For the employee:


• Reduced anxiety and stress

• Increased sense of safety

• Improved energy, health, creativity and positivity

• Improved colleague relations

• Increased happiness and loyalty

REAP is a collaboration between three established businesses, working together to provide a one-stop, flexible and joined-up service to save you time, money and worry.

Vitalise HR Solutions is a HR Consultancy, founded by Katie Deacon, that provides fully tailored services to organisations (regardless of size) that are designed to deliver the right people and strategic solutions, across the employee lifecycle, to drive significant people and commercial improvements and success.

Organisational review and

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• Organisational strategy and associated operational structure review.

• Site locations and size requirements review including increased remote working and hot desking needs and associated policy review.

• Redundancy consultation planning and management including collective and individual consultation as appropriate.

Talent Management and Succession Planning review and implementation

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• Review of existing Talent Management and Succession Planning activity and implementation of an updated plan following associated organisational reviews and re-design if appropriate.

• Review and identification of Business-critical roles and talent with transferable skills to enable organisational agility and flexibility.

Leadership Development Training Programmes/Workshops

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• Emotional Intelligence and Operating with Integrity.

• Visible Leadership.

• Emotional Resilience and openness to change.

• Bringing people with you on your journey.

• Appreciation and recognition.

• Time management.

• Leading in a diverse and inclusive way.

• Developing a high performing team.

• Effective, clear and transparent communication.

• Effective listening and coaching people to achieve their potential.

• Provide engaging and motivational feedback.

Scott Mathie heads up 1st Choice Safety Training and Consultancy.

we are passionate about protecting the health and safety of your employees, business and others with our specialist safety training courses an consultancy services which aim to reduce risks, and accidents and to make the workplace a safer environment fro everyone.


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• Free initial safety consultation.

• Provide an external accredited safe person scheme.

• Work within companies for an agreed timeframe (eg half day per month) to assist with their H&S requirement.

• Policy and procedure writing


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• E-Learning packages in H&S, Social Care and Business Skills.

• Online accredited training via interactive video calling in a range of subjects including fire, first aid, manual handling, COSHH, food safety, safeguarding, confined space, working at height.


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• Fire Risk Assessment

• DSEAR (dangerous substances explosive atmospheres) Assessments

• DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessments

• Workplace Layout Assessment

• Fire Extinguishers / Fire Alarms / Emergency Lighting service and supply

• Wearable Technology video and data capture for Manual Handling Injuries


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• Fire Extinguishers

• First Aid

• Evacuation Aids

• Signage

Wellbeing4Life helps businesses and their teams to be healthy, happy and productive with a positive workplace wellbeing culture. We do this by enabling individuals and teams to adopt strategies and lifestyles to improve mental health, resilience, stress management and physical wellbeing.


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• Developing an embedded and joined-up wellbeing strategy.


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• Mental Health First Aid Levels 1-3

• Laughter Yoga

• Mindfulness

• Group Health Coaching & 1:1 Health Coaching


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• Boot Camp style exercise sessions.


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• Series of health and wellbeing related workshops.

• 90 Days to Resilience Course.

How do I access the REAP programme?

We’re all about building relationships so let’s start with a conversation. Contact us via email here to discuss your needs and explore how REAP could help.

We enjoy getting creative and creating a package that works for our clients specific needs so let’s start building your journey to resilience, engagement, agility and productivity today to REAP the benefits tomorrow.