Life can feel a bit like a

treadmill at times, right?

You’re constantly rushing from one thing to the next and yet often feel you achieved nothing at the end of the day?

Meeting the needs of others adds to your sense of busyness… as much as you love them.

In amongst it all you can’t remember who you are…what your’re passionate about…what your goals are and what makes you feel full of energy, happiness and purpose

Sometimes you just wanna scream STOP!!!

Join us on our Women’s Wellbeing Retreat

If this is you then rest assured, you are very normal and we get ya!


Sadly stress, anxiety and fear of overwhelm are way too common in our busy 24/7 lives. When life is like this it’s to be expected that we might lose a bit of who we are.

But there is a way to slow things down so you can find YOU again amongst the chaos of life and start to enjoy your life fully. It is possible to step off the hamster wheel of life and catch your breath. There is a way to make things different!

When YOU do something different, you get something different and whilst it’s not possible (or desirable) to stop things permanently, we can stop long enough to take stock and then transform the way we feel about our lives.

Let’s think about what different might look like and what different might feel like….


You  wake up with energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead. You have a sense of control over the chaos… Well at least most of the time! You have what it takes to deal with life’s bumps as well as to fully enjoy its highs. You feel life is in balance, a time for work, a time for play and a time for you. You’re in touch with who YOU are and live a life to match…no more ‘acting’ your way through life

So how can our Women’s Wellbeing Retreat help?


Our retreat immerses you in a cocoon of wellbeing, self-care, delicious food and wine and a ton of guidance and support aimed at helping you to find the different way that works for you. Our retreat allows you to step away from normal life so you can see the wood for the trees.


Our retreat will show you that a different way is possible  sharing top wellbeing tips and supporting you in developing your own strategies for health, vitality and happiness. You’ll meet like-minded women who feel just like YOU. You’ll experiment, laugh, get creative, get outdoors, get moving. You’ll taste beautiful food and enjoy a few glasses of wine if you wish.


You’ll also have space and time to yourself, to walk, to snuggle up on a sofa with a book, to rest, to breath, to take a massage or do whatever you choose. In addition, we will support you to continue your wellbeing journey once your back home through a closed Facebook group and option to attend follow-up days.

When and Where?

Your three day of escape and re-boost will take place at the beautiful Uppermoore Farm in the Derbyshire Peak District Sunday 4th October to Wednesday 7th October

We have taken care of everything so the price includes: –


  • 1:1 Wellbeing assessment on arrival
  • Individual wellbeing action plan
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Educational talks
  • Tailored exercise classes
  • Fully inclusive meals and refreshments
  • Exit wellbeing assessment
  • Ongoing holistic wellbeing support


You will have the option to indulge in massage treatments in the free time within the programme at an additional cost.
The only thing left for you to arrange is making your way to Uppermoor Farm and finding your way back home….but we won’t think about that bit yet!

The all-inclusive cost for 3 nights of YOU time, all meals, all materials and support from us through a closed Facebook group on your return is as follows: –



per person

based on 3 people sharing

Pay in Full
Make a Deposit



per person

based on 2 people sharing

Pay in Full
Make a Deposit


(single occupancy)


per person

Pay in Full
Make a Deposit

Instalment Plans

If you would like to pay in instalments, please leave your details below and we will be in touch to discuss options.

Numbers are strictly limited to 14 people maximum in order to ensure individuals get the experience they need to relax, feel comfortable and be supported.

If you have any questions at all please contact Sharon on 07842 775880 or Elain on 07894 659675 or e-mail

This is what previous attendees have said about our retreat:

‘Best three days ever! I left the retreat with a different outlook on life, health and wellbeing’


‘My first ever retreat with Wellbeing4life and it surpassed all my expectations.  The content, food, location and agenda was fantastic.  Elain and Sharon were amazing, supportive, friendly and genuinely lovely people.  I left the retreat with actions to take that I’m sure will improve my overall health and wellbeing. Highly recommended!’


‘I attended the Wellbeing4life retreat and would recommend the experience to anyone.  Brilliantly organised, fantastic location, amazing food and lots of inspirational tips, advice and information’