Covid-19 has shaken our world but what have we learned?

If you’d have known we were about to face a world-wide pandemic that would change our world and threaten our physical and mental health what would you have done differently to prepare you, your staff and your business?


Being physically or mentally stronger?



Developed better resilience?



Improved creativity and ability to adapt to change?


Well hindsight is a wonderful thing!

But knowing what we now know, having gone through what we’ve gone through wouldn’t we be crazy if we didn’t take action so we’re ready for any future challenge…for a start the repercussions of Covid-19 are far from over yet!
Well we have it covered.

We have designed a programme that will:


Build cohesive, strong teams



Make your business agile, adaptive and able to thrive through challenge.



Increase the physical and mental resilience of your people


We’ve taken all of our expertise, experience and the latest research and produced a
90 day holistic wellbeing course

90 Days to Resilience

Who has the ‘90 Days to Resilience’ course been designed for?

Businesses or organisations and their people who want to grow and thrive by creating and adapting to a new norm and future-proofing success.


What are the benefits for my business?


• A more agile, resilient and positive workforce
• Improved team and colleague working
• Reduction in sickness, absenteeism and presenteeism
• A renewed work culture based on openness, energy, positivity and flexibility
• Improved retention


What does the ‘90 Days to Resilience’ course look like?


• Fortnightly live and interactive on-line wellbeing workshops
• Weekly live on-line exercise sessions plus personalised support – They’ll be fun, offer variety and cater for all fitness levels.
• Fortnightly 1:1 Health and Wellbeing Coaching
• Phone, Zoom or group chat support as required by participants

What can participants expect?


• To be their best self: physically and mentally
• Improved resilience; they will be able to tolerate challenge and utilise strategies to manage them and respond positively and creatively.
• Improved communication skills; they will understand their communication styles and potential impact on others resulting in stronger teams.
• Improved appreciation of others; ability to offer appropriate colleague care and contribute to a positive, open and supportive work culture.
• Improved productivity, motivation and energy; they will have the skills to work smarter and achieve more.

Why 90 days?

• It takes 90 days to create and embed a new habit.

• Most of us stand a much higher chance of making positive change if we are supported through those first critical 90 days.

• Making change with our colleagues is powerful for individuals, teams and the business!

How do I find out more and sign up?

We guess you’ll have more questions so it starts with a conversation – get in touch at to arrange a chat. Let’s explore how this could work for your business.

Interested in doing the course but not as part of a business?

No problem, we will be running an open programme for individuals or small business owners
– get in touch and we can tell you more