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7:30am – 9:30am

Close your eyes….Imagine the scene…you walk into your workplace tomorrow and are greeted by staff that are alert, focused and motivated to do their best. They have a positive can-do attitude and are up-to-date on tasks. They are cheerful and creative, finding solutions to problems as they arise with minimal input. Sickness is at an all-time low and there’s a sense of team camaraderie …open your eyes.


Is this your reality? No? It needs to be because the success of your business depends on it. Wellbeing is not a luxury. It’s an essential part of a thriving businesses strategy. But where to start with this transformation? Let us help you on your workplace wellbeing journey.


These seminars are practical, informative and fun and you’ll take away realistic strategies to start immediately. Plus you get to network with others and share ideas about approaches to employee wellbeing and of course, you’ll get a lovely breakfast to kick-start your day!

Thursday 28th September 2017

A holistic approach to wellbeing: one size really doesn’t fit all

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So what is wellbeing? It’s about habits and lifestyle choices that allow us to be our best selves. Wellbeing equals feeling good, positive, able to cope, energised and positive. It means sleeping well and a sense of achievement at work as well as a quality home life with family and friends. Businesses thrive when its people have wellbeing; it’s good for business and far from a luxury. This session will explore the key elements to creating wellbeing for you and your workplace, including getting in touch with your intuition to make individual choices right for you.

Thursday 9th
November 2017

Nutrition for clarity, energy, focus and productivity

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You’ve heard the saying: ‘We are what we eat’. Well it’s a saying for a reason. What difference would it mean to your business if your staff had clarity, energy, focus and were productive? Don’t underestimate the impact that eating the right foods at the right time can have on energy, mood, clarity and creativity. It really isn’t rocket science or about a life of restriction and deprivation. This session will show you how to get the edge through good nutrition for you and your workforce.

Thursday 14th
December 2017

Mindfulness: Be focused, present and effective

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Struggle to make decisions? Frustrated with time wasted ruminating? Head spinning with all that there is to do but hours go by without achieving much at all? Or perhaps you recognise this in your staff? This is not good for business and it’s not good for mental health. Especially when we’re stressed or overwhelmed our thoughts can easily whip into a whirlwind, catching new, increasingly negative thoughts, as they go which zaps you of energy and leaves you stuck! And breathe…mindfulness could help. Can be practiced anytime, anywhere, mindfulness has been proven to calm busy minds, improve positivity, reduce stress and help get unstuck. This session provides a practical look at how to incorporate mindfulness into your day.

Thursday 25th
January 2018

Resilience: The key to healthy staff

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What’s your biggest people challenge? We can guess that absenteeism features highly, right? Whether declared or not, you suspect this is often linked to stress? Apart from the immediate impact, absenteeism can affect culture, morale and the potential of your business to succeed. But what can you do about it? Sadly, we don’t claim to have a magic wand but will offer you evidence-based approaches so that you and your people can recognise the signs, build resilience and adopt strategies to deal with issues long before the need to take sick leave. This way the focus is positive, proactive and engages employees.

Thursday 22nd
February 2018

Move for brain power: The relationship between physical and mental health

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Physical activity is the single most important thing you can do to enhance brain power. Fact. Exercise increases blood flow to the brain supplying more oxygen, glucose and nutrients which all adds up to a healthy brain. When we have a healthy brain our minds are clearer and sharper, and memory is improved. Our cognitive abilities improve which means we are better able to plan and maintain focus and drive. Our mood enhances because exercise causes our brain to release feel-good chemicals. Research shows that exercise can be as effective as drugs for treating depression and anxiety. So what’s stopping you? We’ll look at the business and wellbeing case for exercise and then help you to find time to get moving, no matter how busy you are!

Thursday 22nd
March 2018

Creating a wellbeing strategy: Values, culture and business impact

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Our final session in this series looks at how to put all the jigsaw pieces together to create an embedded, sustainable and appropriate wellbeing strategy in your organisation. We’ll show you examples of what has worked for other organisations and guide you through the key things to consider. One thing we know through experience and evidence – wellbeing is not a luxury. It is a critical part of strategic planning and as such should align with the organisations core values and ethos. We’ll give you some top tips to show you how…and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and swallow endless resource.

Who should attend?

Business owners and senior managers with management responsibility for employees will get most from the seminar programme. The focus is on achieving personal as well as employee wellbeing.


Burleigh Court, Off Ashby Road (A512), Loughborough University (West Park), Loughborough Leicestershire, LE11 3GR


£20 per person per session including choice of a full English or continental breakfast, tea or coffee; Book six places on any session across the programme for £100

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We know that things crop up so if you need to send a different person we’ll understand – we’d love it if you could let us know in advance.


Please note: Discount will be applied when booking 6 or more places across the seminar programme.

How to book

Book your place here:

Booking Form

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We know that things crop up so if you need to send a different person we’ll understand – we’d love it if you could let us know in advance.


Please note: Discount will be applied when booking 6 or more places across the seminar programme. If you would to book onto multiple seminars, please do this through individual booking forms.

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