Survive and thrive through challenging times:

A tailored package of support

So the world in which we lived and worked just a few weeks ago, has changed, almost beyond recognition. We are being asked to think differently, to act differently and to run our businesses differently. Understandably, this quickly evolving situation can create anxiety, stress and overwhelm amongst many employees, business leaders and owners. As the government has stated, we have never seen such a global phenomenon in peace-time that requires all of us to change the way we live on this scale.

Feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty and lack of security can render us powerless. As ever, key to your business success is you and your staff; personal and corporate wellbeing has never been more important and the need to find creative approaches to maximising physical and mental wellbeing is paramount.

As a small business ourselves, we recognise the massive impacts and potential consequences of the corona virus and the changes it brings. We want to assure our clients that we will do whatever we can to support them through these challenging times and have worked hard to create innovative packages to address these unique issues. We also recognise that businesses are facing financial uncertainty so we have therefore heavily discounted our rates to make these packages as accessible as possible.

We have launched two new packages to address the specific challenges of this time.



Bringing people together and battling the impact of social isolation for businesses, teams and individuals



Boosting motivation, morale, productivity and mood



Supporting mental health with practical strategies to tackle anxiety, panic, stress and overwhelm



Providing much needed actions, structure and focus to each day with healthy empowering strategies



Improving physical health and boosting immunity



Equipping businesses for a healthy, robust bounce back once these challenging times pass


Business Wellbeing Booster


A daily (Monday to Friday) 15 minute remote ‘meeting’ with Wellbeing4Life and your people.


For many businesses Coronavirus has meant that staff and teams are working remotely, from home. This can add to an individual’s anxieties surrounding social isolation, impact negatively on team performance, lower morale and reduce productivity.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Our daily wellbeing booster will connect all members of the team or business live each day at an agreed time. These 15 minute sessions will be delivered via Zoom so that participants are able to see and hear each other.


A 15 minute wellbeing session will be delivered via Zoom each working day. All members of the team or business will join in the session. Each session will provide:

• Opportunity to connect with other team members as a reminder that they are not alone.
• Real strategies and actions that have been proven to boost physical and mental wellbeing including immunity
• Opportunity to ask questions and interact with us and each other
• A daily tip or wellbeing action that participants are encouraged to undertake
• A holistic approach to building mental resilience incorporating nutrition, movement, relaxation and mindset

Over time we envisage these daily bursts of wellbeing to become something that individuals look forward to and rely on.

Sign up monthly at £975 per month for max 100 people

One to One Coaching


Coaching enables participants to become ‘unstuck’ from unhelpful thoughts, behaviours or situations. As a result they are enabled to adopt healthy, supportive behaviours often resulting in improved energy, resilience, positivity and productivity as well as an improved sense of balance and control.


Many staff are feeling anxious, stressed and overwhelmed by the current situation which can have a big impact on the business as well as the health and wellbeing of the individual. It may result in a drop in productivity, morale, positivity, creativity, or ability to engage and communicate positively with others. The individual may experience poor sleep or turn to unhealthy coping strategies that can make the situation worse.

Coaching provides opportunity for them to share how they are feeling in an objective, non-judgemental and neutral environment and to explore and implement healthy strategies to build resilience and combat anxiety. This is good for the individual and the business.


One to One coaching is provided on-line using Zoom and can be taken either as a standalone 30 minute coaching session which can be enough for some people or a package of 6×30 minute sessions taken over 6 weeks.

All sessions remain confidential between the individual and the Coach.

One-off 30 minute coaching session – £40

6 week coaching package – £240

To book your place, find out more of if you have any questions at all please contact Sharon on 07842 775880 or Elain on 07894 659675 or e-mail