Train4Life and Personal Training


When I saw this advertised I felt reassured that this wouldn’t be intimidating! The participants all looked like they were having fun whilst exercising. The location is convenient, and I felt welcomed straight away. I felt part of the friendly group from the first session. Elain gently encourages you to try the next level of each exercise. We’re pushed to challenge ourselves, rather than to keep up with or compete with others in the group. I’d definitely recommend Train4Life to others.  



Personal Training

I was concerned that I was reaching a point in my life where I needed to stop taking my health for granted. I felt like I needed a push to not only get back into fitness and looking after myself, but to find something sustainable that I’d want to maintain on a long-term basis. I knew from past experience that gym membership wouldn’t provide me with sufficient motivation, so Personal Training seemed like a good option. I also thought this would offer me the flexibility to fit sessions around my demanding job.


A close friend had been working out with Train4Life for a while, and had told me how much she was getting out of the sessions. I was intrigued by the idea of training outside! I also felt I’d respond well to the variety offered as in the past I’ve found myself getting bored and lacking motivation once the initial novelty of a new exercise programme wears off.


I work long hours and my schedule is often unpredictable, so I’d convinced myself that I was ‘too busy’ to build regular exercise into my routine. But I’ve found that as long as I diarise my sessions well in advance I can make it work. Making more time for myself has made me feel in control of my life, as now my daily routine is about more than just work. 


I’ve been really impressed at how quickly my fitness has improved. I’ve achieved my initial goals, but since starting personal training sessions I’ve seen a real impact that goes beyond fitness. I feel more positive, and that’s had enormous benefits in terms of my mood and general wellbeing.


An added bonus is that my husband and I have now started going to boot camps together. It’s great for us to spend some time together doing something that’s good for us and that we both enjoy. It also encourages some healthy competition between the two us at times!


I have no hesitation in recommending Train4Life. The sessions have certainly exceeded my expectations. Every session is different and challenging in its own way, and I’m able to see clearly how I’m continuing to progress. I never thought I would ‘enjoy’ exercise, but I genuinely look forward to each session and feel great afterwards!

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