Personal Training

I was starting a plan of high Business Growth which would mean lots of social events, lots of hours, lots of travel and lots of stress. To achieve this I wanted to keep an acceptable level of fitness, to balance the unusual hours, drink and food and to be physically and mentally strong!


Personal Training with Train 4 Life allowed me to do all this without setting foot in a gym and all that goes with that. Instead, outdoor activities were varied and interesting, fitted around my lifestyle and allowed me to socialise which is important.


We also spoke about a plan to incorporate fitness, business coaching and networking which was attractive on a personal and business level


Keeping my physical fitness in check has been a huge positive to help Anthony James Insurance Brokers on our journey and we are gradually ticking more and more of the right things off. My balance of health and wellbeing has improved along the road without spoiling my lifestyle, giving me the energy to combat the challenges that I face regularly.


Train4Life has become an integral part of my business plan and I am encouraging our team to participate as I know that they, their families and the business will benefit.

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