Family Bootcamp

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to spend time being active with the children and hope to install in them that exercise can be enjoyable.  If they see their parents taking part in exercise, hopefully they’ll see it as something ‘normal’!  


The activities included at Bootcamp are varied. It’s great to have the opportunity to try new things such as boxing, team games and individual challenges. I really enjoy trying to beat my personal best!


Sessions take place in a beautiful location – the views can distract from the pain!  


Our family’s goal was for us all to become more active, building some regular exercise into our week to improve our overall fitness and wellbeing. We’ve definitely achieved that goal! We’ve seen a big improvement in my husband’s fitness – his running has improved a lot, as has his triathlon performance. We all get a huge sense of achievement when we accomplish something we hadn’t been able to do previously (e.g. e.g. press up, plank, jumps in lunges and squats).


We always feel better after exercising outside rather than indoors! I’d encourage people to give Bootcamp a try – there’s nothing to be afraid of, and Elain is brilliant at making people feel welcome and at ease!

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