I attend Train4Life bootcamps three times a week. I chose the bootcamp as I love being outside and exercising in the fresh air. I thought that joining a group of like-minded people would give me the added push I need to go regularly, and I was right!


My goals were to become more healthy, get fit, tone up and to stick with a form of exercise on a regular basis. I chose Train4Life as I’d head good things about it, and it actually looked like they were having fun as well as exercising!


My experience has been fantastic. Exercise is no longer a chore and I actually look forward to the sessions. Each session is different which keeps things interesting. I feel fitter, more healthy and I look better. I have more energy day-to-day and in general feel a much happier, livelier person. The sessions are great fun, and I’ve made some great friendships with a really varied group of people.


I’m doing a 25 mile sponsored walk in May with the group …. That’s not something I ever thought I’d do!


Elain is a great instructor who pushes and encourages us to just the right level. I’d completely recommend Train4Life to others as it’s had an incredibly positive impact on my life.

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